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Our program offers art, music, Spanish, computer, cheerleading, library time and hands- on projects. Class size averages 12 students allowing quality attention from teachers and ample opportunity to build solid relationships with their peers.


We are like a family here at UCA. Each staff member works together as a team to inspire children to learn, live, and develop their abilities for the glory of God. God + family + school = success. Indeed these are the foudation blocks that are imperative for our children to be successful. 


Art – designed to teach students about different mediums, artists, and to encourage creativity.

Spanish – introduced in Elementary with a focus on vocabulary and beginning conversational skills. 

Core Classes – Core classes include Bible, reading, mathematics, writing, history, and science. The Bob Jones University (BJU) curriculum is used along with enrichment classes, resources, and activities to provide a solid education.

Computer – allows students to learn basic typing skills and general information on how computers work. The history of computers is also explored.

Library – time and reading groups encourage students be effective readers. Reading is a fun way to learn more about the world in which we live.