United Christian Academy

Founded in 1979, as a ministry of First Bible Baptist Church, United Christian Academy carries on the tradition of the visionary pioneer, Pastor James E. Woods.  This heritage is built upon the core values of Pastor Woods who dedicated his life to serving the Lord Jesus Christ, and those same values continue to reflect the essence of the Academy’s aim to:


  • Glorify and honor God through humility, sacrifice, and service

  •  Teach in a Biblical Christian atmosphere with all subjects integrated around the Word of God

  •  Employ teachers equipped with the skills to teach, the compassion to nurture and the creativity to make the learning experience exciting.

  • Inspire and educate students as they begin to understand the full potential that God has for their lives.

  • Recognize the primacy of parents in their child’s education

  •  Set high academic standards in an encouraging and challenging environment

  • Maintain the school’s vision with a “representative” dress code

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At United Christian Academy, our mission is to provide a safe and encouraging environment where we nurture the hearts and minds of our students. Our Christ-centered approach ensures every aspect of our school is grounded in Biblical principles. As a ministry of First Bible Baptist Church, we are committed to providing a Bible-based education that promotes academic excellence and prepares our students to be community leaders. Every child is unique and gifted, and we strive to provide an educational experience recognizing and celebrating their talents and abilities. At United Christian Academy, we are dedicated to equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and character they need to succeed in life and positively impact the world.


At United Christian Academy, we aim to empower students to discover their purpose, fulfill their potential, and glorify God in all aspects of their life. Through Bible-based education, we strive to create an environment for students to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to impact their communities.


Established in 1979, United Christian Academy is more than just an educational institution for Pre-K-12th grade.  It is a passionate, mission-minded educational community of dedicated faculty and families teaching and training students an academically rich and rigorous Christian based curriculum.