At UNITED our middle schoolers stand together to serve God and to make a significant impact in our homes, community and the world! Students are encouraged to grow and develop in character, independence and critical thinking skills.

Students are engaged in challenging academic classrooms where Bob Jones University curriculum is used. Students participate in art, music, computer, field trips, socials, flag and rifle team as well as sports.

Through Bible class and chapel, students learn the importance of prayer and knowledge of the Word of God. Students are encouraged to serve the Lord and to build a testimony that is pleasing to God. 

Core classes include Bible, reading, mathmatics, grammar, writing, history, and science. The BJU Press curriculum is used along with enrichment classes, resources, and activities to provide a solid education.

Students learn the fundamentals of typing and basic knowledge of Windows Office. 

Art class is designed to teach students about different mediums, artists, and to encourage creativity. Students engage in various projects allowing their creativity to be cultivated and flourish.

Fall 2018 Homecoming is an example of a social event, middle schoolers enjoy and participate in.

Middle school allows students the opportunity to play sports. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, and baseball are currently offered.

Students learn about musicians, musical genres and types of instruments. Students participate in chapel and special events through musical performances and participation in praise band.