Geometry/ Pre-Calculus/ Algebra I/ Algebra II

Biology/ Physical Science/ Adv. Biology/ Physics/ Chemistry

Compass (geometry only)

Scientific Calculator (Recommended- Casio fx-115ES Plus) Walmart has them for $17

2 packs of #2 pencils

2 packs of cap erasers

2 small spiral notebooks

2 packs of Graph paper

1 box of tissues

Blue or black ink pens


Scientific calculator for Chemistry/Physics (Casio fx-115ES plus)

3 ring binder with dividers

Colored pencils (Biology, Adv. Biology)

1 roll of paper towels

Clorox wipes


English 9th-12th

Notebook for History only


Clorox wipes

1 roll paper towels

#2 wooden pencils

1 composition book for journals

Notebook paper (for personal use)

blue or black pens (for personal use)

1 box of tissues

3x5 cards (12th grade only)

4x6 cards (12th grade only)

Rubber bands (12th grade only)

2 - 9x12 envelopes (12th grade only)


5 section notebook with pocket dividers

1 package of wide rule notebook paper


Oxford Spanish-English Dictionary

1 plastic folder with pockets and clasps



 King James Version Bible

(Girls bring change of clothes for Girls Bible) 


Flash Drive