Requirements for Graduation

Quite often students entering their 9th grade years are not aware of the credits required for graduation. The information below should help you know and understand the graduation requirements that must be met by graduates of United Christian Academy.
Some of the requirements listed below have been increased due to the increasingly competitive nature of our colleges and universities. We want our students to be prepared for the college of their choice.
Two programs are available, one being College Prep requiring a total of 28 credits, while the other is a General Program requiring 24 credits.
If you have any question and/or wish to be advised for college prep tracking please call the office.
General Diploma 24 credits
4 English
3 Maths
3 Science
4 Histories
2 Health/PE
4 Bible
4 Electives (3 foreign languages required)
Advanced Diploma 28 Credits
4 English ( AP English/College Classes in 11/12th grades)
4 Maths ( Algebra. I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Cal)
4 Science (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Adv. Biology)
4 Histories (Geography, World History, US History, Government)
4 Foreign Languages
2 Health/PE
2 Electives (Suggest Computer I/II)
4 Bible
Honor graduates must be in the advanced diploma tracking. Dual enrollment classes are offered on-line and on campus. Students who are eligible are encouraged to participate in the dual credit program.
*Transfer students must be in our program at least two years to be eligible for honors.