NEW Middle and High School Dress Code Update for 2018-19


Remember all clothing should be modest.

NEW Relax dress code:

1.       Jeans, khakis, slacks, or athletic pants.  NO slits or holes even if it has a lining under the fabric. NO leggings are worn as pants.

2.       All tops, blouses, T-shirts should  have modest necklines and not be see-through. Tank tops and camisoles are only for undergarments not outer wear.  NO sleeveless shirts. At no time should a top show mid-section; even when arms are raised.


3.       Skirts of any style, fabric, or color, providing they are modest fitting and knee length, must be worn. Sheer skirts must have lining that is also knee length.

4.       Slits should be pinned if the cut is higher than the knee.

5.       Leggings may be worn under skirts or dresses although hemlines must still be knee length.

6.        Any modest neckline and fit tops may be worn, provided they are NOT sheer, see-through fabric.  Tank tops and camisoles are only for undergarments not outer wear.  No sleeveless shirts. No cleavage must be seen.

7.       Hair color must be a natural color. (NO PUNK, worldly styles.)

8.       Earrings are worn in the ears only. NO LONGER CAN GIRLS WEAR ANY TYPE OF FACIAL JEWELRY.)

9.       UCA team uniforms, jerseys, and shirts are acceptable if not altered.




1.       Round collar shirts can be worn however, NO inappropriate wording, graphics or pictures. Sweatshirts or jackets may be worn.

2.       Jeans (no holes), khakis, shorts or athletic pants may be worn (EXCEPT WEDNESDAY NO SHORTS OR T-SHIRTS ON CHAPEL DAY)

3.       UCA team uniform jerseys and shirts are acceptable if not altered.

4.       Hair is to be worn off the collar, out of the eyes.  Facial hair must be kept neat and trimmed.

5.       Hats are not to be worn throughout the day.

6.       Jewelry (earrings or other piercings) is not to be worn. 


*Any student who fails to follow the dress code will be given a warning the first time.  If he/she violates the dress code again, he/she will be sent to the office to call a parent to either bring the necessary items to fix the problem or to take the student home.  Any missed class time will be considered an absence.


ALL dress code is under the discretion of the dress code administration.


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